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The Moskowitz Law Firm Is Recognized Nationwide For Handling Complex Legal Matters And Securing Recoveries For Consumers


We are a leading class action litigation law firm committed to providing comprehensive legal representation and delivering positive outcomes.

Known for prosecuting some of the largest national class action cases in history, The Moskowitz Law Firm is trusted by clients across the country to represent their interests and resolve their legal matters. 

Our experienced group of attorneys are ready to serve you, with the legal expertise you need to achieve the results you want.


Our Philosophy

"In order for us all to reach our maximum potential — based upon my own personal experiences — we each need to continuously work on improving our health, our reputation, our skills, and our sense of humility. There are many times in each of our lives when we really need to “step it up” and take responsibility for our lives, so that we can be the best parents, the best family members, the best co-workers, and the best friends that we can be. It is a basic fact that even a very good seed cannot fully grow, unless it is surrounded in great soil. It is my hope that our team at The Moskowitz Law Firm stays true to this vision, and always lead with clear eyes and a full heart. When following those principles, you can never lose. Those words from the great fictional Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights — “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” — resounded with me, with our team, and our hope is that they will resound with you."


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Some Current Cases

At The Moskowitz Law Firm, we strive to take on injustice with an uncompromising work ethic and pride ourselves on securing a better tomorrow for those in need today. While every case is different, what remains consistent is the Firm's mission to bring our experience, creativity and commitment to every client and every case. 


Numerous Force-Placed Insurance Class Action Cases

The Moskowitz Law Firm has served as co-lead counsel in 31 nationwide class actions filed in various courts across the country against the largest banks and insurers on behalf of millions of homeowners for claims of force-placed insurance. The settlements have already provided $5.9 billion in relief to 5.3 million homeowners nationwide.

Led by Adam M. Moskowitz, The Moskowitz Law Firm currently represents several other consumers in pending nationwide FPI cases.


Multiple Travel Insurance Class Action Cases

Adam M. Moskowitz and his team currently serve as co-lead counsel in a number of proposed nationwide class actions brought on behalf of millions of consumers who were deceived by some of the largest cruise lines in the world, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Royal Caribbean International. These cruise lines, through omission, engaged in a pattern of unlawful profiteering, deceit, and self-dealing with regard to travel insurance policies they sold as distribution participants on behalf of various travel insurers. The cruise lines created a massive hidden profit center by overcharging passengers for these travel insurance policies, knowing they would receive kickbacks from the travel insurers for each policy sold. All class members seek injunctive relief, damages, attorneys’ fees, and pre- and post-judgment interest. The cases are being litigated in federal court in the Southern District of Florida.


Transamerica COI Litigation

Case No. 2:16-cv-01378-CAS-AJW

Case No. 2:18-cv-05422-CAS-GJS

The Moskowitz Law Firm serves as co-lead counsel for a nationwide class of consumers that suffered monthly rate increases in their policies with Transamerica Life Insurance Company--one of the world's largest providers of life insurance and other products.

The Firm and fellow co-lead counsel (Bonnett Fairbourn Friedman & Balint PC, Consumer Watchdog) secured a settlement for the 2016 class action that was recently granted final approval by Federal Judge Christina Snyder, providing important injunctive relief and $195 million for plaintiffs.

Adam M. Moskowitz and his team also represent an additional proposed consolidated class of Transamerica consumers that had COI increases in 2017.


Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Class Action

The Moskowitz Law Firm has sued Universal Property, the largest private insurance company in the State of Florida, to put an end to its ongoing practice of intentionally failing to pay statutory interest on insurance claims it has settled but paid over 20 days late, as is specifically required by Florida law. This case seeks the payment of those unpaid interest funds to the proposed Class and to bring an end to this illegal practice.

The case is being litigated in the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court’s Complex Business Litigation section.


FieldTurf Multi District Litigation

Case No. 3:17-md-02779-MAS-TJB

Numerous class actions brought against Fieldturf were consolidated in the District of New Jersey Court earlier this year. The class actions were brought by many of the best class action firms in the country for the same allegedly defective artificial fields, which serve as the basis for pursuing the recovery of millions of dollars in damages.

Adam M. Moskowitz of The Moskowitz Law Firm and Chris Seeger of Seeger Weiss LLP are appointed as co-lead counsel, while James Cecchi of Carella, Byrne, Cecchi, Olstein, Brody & Agnello, PC serves as liaison counsel for the plaintiffs.

The court already denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss and the parties are now preparing to seek class certification.


Led by veteran litigator Adam M. Moskowitz, the firm’s Legal Team has represented plaintiffs in some of the largest national class actions in Florida and throughout the United States.


Seeking justice
is paramount for us.


That is what we do.

- Adam M. Moskowitz, managing partner

Practice Areas & Press

The Moskowitz Law Firm specializes in complex, multi-party litigation with an emphasis on consumer class actions, including antitrust matters, securities and shareholder class claims, and derivative actions.

As one of the nation’s leading law firms for class action plaintiffs, The Moskowitz Law Firm has changed industry practices that have impacted the lives of millions of consumers.

Not only do our results improve corporate behavior towards consumers, but they change lives. Take a look...

Force-Placed (Lender-Placed) Insurance Lawsuits

Adam M. Moskowitz and his team filed the first class action lawsuits challenging the illegal practices of force-placed insurance against Wells Fargo Bank, and were successful in certifying the only litigated class of Florida homeowners with hazard insurance damage. See e.g., Williams v. Wells Fargo Bank, et al, 11-cv-21233 (S.D. Fla.) (J. Scola).

Since that time, Adam has coordinated a coalition of almost 59 different plaintiffs’ law firms from all across the country and successfully brought claims against the largest banks and mortgage services as a result of these coordinated efforts. In addition over 30 class action cases that have already settled and been completed, additional force-placed class action cases are currently being litigated by Adam and his team in Florida and New Jersey. His team is asked to review and investigate claims on behalf of new defendants regularly.      

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